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BEEmod is (as best said by it's GitHub description) "a Portal 2 tool which allows you to change what items are in the fixed-size editor palette, as well as the style, music, and other settings". Installing this mod allows users of the Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative Puzzle Creator to use many more testing elements and test styles.


BEEmod comes with a list of testing elements that it grants the player access to, the most notable of which have a place on this wiki.

Most Notable Additions[]

Every Other Puzzle Creator Element Added By Beemod[]

See: List of Minor Puzzle Creator Elements Added by BEEmod


BEEmod allows for the changing of the style of test chambers, letting puzzle makers create puzzles that visually appear to have come from many different eras.

Name Short Summary
Clean BEEmod Theme A very similar Style to the standard PTI look, with minor differences such as more wall panel variety.
Original Clean BEEmod Theme The standard PTI textures and style with nothing changed.
Behind The Scenes BEEmod Theme Factory style areas, designed to appear as though the player has escaped the testing tracks.
Overgrown BEEmod Theme A ruined and heavily damaged style, featuring plenty of plants.
Portal 1 BEEmod Theme A style designed to look like Portal 1, featuring the original elevators and sound effects.
1950s Aperture BEEmod Theme The style of the 1950s testing spheres where Aperture tested on Astronauts, Olympians, and War Heroes.
1960s Aperture BEEmod Theme Decommissioned 1960s enrichment spheres with vitrified doors and mysterious pipes.
1970s Aperture BEEmod Theme The style of the 1970s testing spheres where Aperture tested on homeless people for $60.
1980s Aperture BEEmod Theme The style of the 1980s testing spheres where Aperture tested on it's own employees.


  • In Co-op mode, Rocket Turrets added through BEEmod will only target Atlas because this is who created the server and technically the host of the server
  • The Rocket Turret will not appear if placed in the 1950s Aperture BEEmod Theme.